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Meghan Flaherty

Meghan Flaherty is the author of Tango Lessons (Mariner, 2018). Her work has appeared in O, Oprah magazine, the Iowa Review, Psychology Today, Parents, and online at the New York Times, the Paris Review, Slate, and elsewhere. 


Winnie Truong, <i>The Buddy System</i>, 2018.

On Not Becoming an Ecosexual

Winter 2022 | Essays

I live in rural Scotland, in a village of sixty-five houses, with no cell service or shops. There is a kirk, a pub; there are more sheep than people. For the first time in my life, I have a garden. A garden with more square footage than my five-hundred-year-old house. There are roses and thistles, poppies and peonies, geraniums and blueberries and apple trees and weeds. Weeds which would grow waist-high, if we let them. Goosegrass, bindweed, ground elder. Chickweed, clover, ragwort, common dandelion. I didn’t used to know these names.