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Michael O. Snyder

Michael O. Snyder is a documentary photographer and filmmaker exploring the dynamic relationship between environmental and cultural change. He is a National Geographic contributor, Portrait of Humanity Award Winner, a Pulitzer grantee, a Climate Journalism Fellow at the Bertha Foundation, a member of the Society of Environmental Journalists, a recent speaker at the UN Climate Conference, and a resident artist at the McGuffey Art Center in Charlottesville, Virginia.


Michael O. Snyder

We All Travel the Milky Way Together

Winter 2017 | Essays

The Pizza Deck in Yosemite National Park sells beer for $30 a pitcher—a rip off in almost any situation, and I candidly told the bartender as much. Back at the tent site, my wife, brother, sister, and her boyfriend packed their gear in preparation for the next day’s hike. This was, admittedly, an odd choice for a honeymoon. Rather than doze on a beach, I’d asked my siblings to join my wife and me on the John Muir Trail, one of the most remote and challenging sections of wilderness hiking in the US. Named for the father of our national parks system, the trail crosses only one road in its 215-mile course through the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Muir called them his “Range of Light.”