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Michelle Bobier


The Goddess of the Moon

"You had the dream again," Luke said. Artie nodded, inspecting her bowl of cereal. She felt cold inside, all the way through, and did not want to eat. She sipped coffee instead, feeling the heat travel all the way from her lips to her stomach and [...]

The Nests of Hummingbirds

Jeremy Bockman sat in the rare book room of the university library, poring over Birds of America. He had written a report on John James Audubon for his fifth-grade art class the previous year, and, in the course of researching the report, had surpr [...]

Morning Glories

I do not intend to garden when I get home. I intend to write. Enough time has passed since I did that to make me uneasy and ashamed, and I want to chip away at the essay that resides one-third done in my computer. My mistake is to come in by the b [...]