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Monroe K. Spears


A Trilogy Complete, A Past Recaptured

Entered from the Sun. By George Garrett. Doubleday. $19. 95. With Entered from the Sun, George Garrett completes the remarkable trilogy of historical novels he began with Death of the Fox (1971) and continued with The Succession (1983). Since he s [...]

James Dickey as a Southern Visionary

Some years ago James Dickey, who will be 64 next month, responded to an interviewer's question about the sense in which he was a Southern writer with the ringing declaration that "the best thing that ever happened to me was to have been born a Sou [...]

George Garrett and the Historical Novel

George Garrett's Death of the Fox (1971) and The Succession (1983) are such remarkable historical novels that they may be considered either fulfillments of the genre or repudiations of it. The term "historical novel" will not stand up under much e [...]