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Nance Van Winckel



We stepped off the train into one more town briefly without rulers. Only snow. The old consonant-heavy language felt like foam in my mouth. Which road. On the left? No, two rights. My hands flailing in confettied air. You asked about the slogans on [...]


To the other high-rise residents the landlord introduces me as Our Famous Madam Writer. Reminds me to please try the hot tub percolating in a tent atop the roof, the water slimy and lukewarm. Mid-May. Drumming my nails on the balcony railing. Roiling [...]

Do It Yourself Nativity

(WOMAN ESCAPING FROM CRECHE) The evening drizzle leaks under the 1 X 2's. Her blue parka zipped under blue robes. She wipes mud from the doll's eye, turns her back on the feckless sheep and knee-high steer. How did some chicken cross the road?—That [...]


On top of the ice planet and through a window we look out at figures on sticks in the snow— colorful hotdoggers headed downhill in a hurry. Hurry! A tourbus of the world is about to depart. We sip what's warm in our cups. The display is crowded, co [...]