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Ned Calmer

A CBS news analyst, Ned Calmer was the author of more than a dozen books, including The Anchorman (1970), on the influence of television. He attended the University of Virginia and worked for the Paris Tribune and the Paris Herald, the European editions of the Chicago Tribune and the New York Herald.


Cartoons With a Purpose

Summer 1945 | Criticism

In Up Front, we have here not only the wonderful drawings with which Bill Mauldin made his fame but a singularly able commentary on how the drawings were conceived and on the war itself, on war itself. You will recognize many of the drawings, but there are others which, even now, can be properly appreciated only by combat soldiers.

The Last Time I Saw Elliot Paul

Winter 1979 | Essays

There were a dozen of them in the tiny, crowded space, loud with talk and typewriters, and they were busy getting out the little eight-page daily that gave them their chance to live in Paris in the Nineteen Twenties.