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Neil D. Isaacs


The Swannanoa Review

As soon as Jesse opened the envelope he knew it was trouble. The title of the enclosed manuscript brought a smile to his face, but it also brought a keen sense that there would be a heavy price to pay for whatever amusement was there. "On First Loo [...]

Breaking Fast to High Scores

Passing Off. By Tom LeClair. Permanent Press. $22. 00. Among the criteria by which baseball was judged "America's pastime" for the better part of a century were 1) the fact that almost every American boy played it; 2) that more mature Americans [...]

Jim Dandy to the Rescue

Jim Dandy. By Irvin Faust. Carroll & Graf. $21.00. La Vern Baker's 1956 hit recording of the Lincoln Chase song "Jim Dandy" sketches the eponymous hero's nature in four verses. He is a lady's man, "the kind of guy/ Never liked to see a little girl [...]