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Patrick Samway, S.J.


Another Faulkner Biography

William Faulkner and Southern History. By Joel Williamson. Oxford. $35. 00. Hats off to anyone who, in the wake of biographies by Joseph L. Blotner (1974 [two volumes], 1984 [one volume]), David Minter (1980), Stephen B.Gates (1987), and Frederick [...]

The Good News Has Arrived

Walker Percy: Books of Revelations. By Gary M. Ciuba. Georgia. $45. As expected, scholarly research centering on the fiction and non-fiction of Walker Percy will notably increase during the next few years, and the reason for this is relatively cle [...]

Faulkner, Encore Une Fois

French Faulknerian scholars have often claimed, and with convincing evidence, that they recognized Faulkner's creative genius long before their colleagues across the Atlantic began to appreciate what was happening in north-central Mississippi. Aft [...]

Faulkner Country

William Faulkner: Toward Yoknapatawpha and Beyond. By Cleanth Brooks. Yale. $17.50, Time and nature are altering the Southern landscape. In the past decade especially, Northern Mississippi has been overgrown with kudzu, originally planted to preven [...]