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Paulette Roeske


Under Glass

Santa Maria della Vittoria The church is a window to another world that asks me to shut out the rest of Rome and step into the 15th century stories in marble and stone telling of the thorns, the bones, offering proof—the heart, the left sh [...]


First they are color, words for blue: inkblot, blueprint, held breath, innocent eyes, blood in the vein, lapis lazuli, new bruise, madder blue, charged peacock, pills beside the bed, or words for green: bottle glass, boa, camouflage, [...]

Tournament of Destruction

                     Santa Fe Speedway No one's here for the polite processional and so we cheer the sudden end of protocol when drivers rev their souped-up engines in a look-at-me strut, firing as unpredictably as love. Slowly t [...]