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Peter Lasalle


The Christmas Bus

The shooting of the victim taken off the Transportes del Norte bus there in the desert didn't get much attention. It might have attracted more coverage in the Mexican papers if there hadn't been the trouble in Chiapas the previous day. But Chiapas [...]

The Latin Ice Kings

I Hell, I don't know exactly what it was. Because sometimes the drugs (more on that later) and the mess with sweet Cressida (I wish there was more on that) don't seem to matter as much. And for me up there under the cloverleaf in the heat of this [...]

Secrets of Sweet Baby Jesus

"It's only for the weekend," Bucky said. "I just don't know," Willy McCullough told her. "I never really saw myself as a father figure. Teaching is one thing, being responsible for them is another." "Willy, what are you talking about?" "I though [...]