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Peter Taylor


Dean of Men

Spring 1969 | Fiction

I am not unsympathetic, Jack, to your views on the War. I am not unsympathetic to your views on the state of the world in general. From the way you wear your hair and from the way you dress I do find it difficult to decide whether you or that young [...]

The Whistler

Spring 1970 | Plays

EMMA: He always liked to have a fire. Especially when all three of us were up late at night. He said a fire made it seem like there were more of us. (laughing dully) He used to wish so for brothers and sisters. (A silence. She pokes the fire.)

Three Heroines

Spring 1975 | Poetry

Dressed to the nines, and she is eighty-six!
A gold lamé gown,
Savage pearls in her pierced earlobes!
Diamonds blazing
That her Grandmother Haynes wore
A century ago!
In Washington City!
Before the War!