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Philip F. Gura


Reading the American Revolution

The Radicalism of the American Revolution. By Gordon S. Wood. Alfred A. Knopf. $27.50. Given the predominantly specialized and intensive nature of most work in American history over the past two decades, one yearns for studies with a longer or bro [...]

Re-Examining Emerson

Representative Man: Ralph Waldo Emerson in His Time. By Joel Porte. Oxford. $15.95. Any reader throwing up his arms in exasperation and railing that we simply do not need another book on Emerson would do well to secure a copy of Joel Forte's Repre [...]

American Literature and Environmental Reform

New World, New Earth: Environmental Reform in American Literature from the Puritans through Whitman. By Cecilia Tichi. Yale. $18.50. Perry Miller's greatest service to the study of American literature was his insistence that New England's settlers [...]

The New England Mind Revisited

Moral Philosophy at Seventeenth-Century Harvard: A Discipline in Transition. By Norman Fiering. University of North Carolina Press for the Institute of Early American History and Culture. $24.00. Jonathan Edwards's Moral Thought and Its British Con [...]