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Pimone Triplett

Pimone Triplett has published several books of poetry, including Rumor (Triquarterly, 2009) and The Price of Light (Four Way Books, 2005). She is the co-editor of Poet’s Work, Poet’s Play, a collection of essays on craft. She teaches at the University of Washington and the MFA program at Warren Wilson College.


Real Estate

Spring 2012 | Poetry

Out from attic windows of the eyes again I can see someone’s blowing bubbles on the lawn. Young couple selling the neighbor house cheap, a boy claiming what he can, launching his globed cells of soap and light for home. A mother calls to the chil [...]


Spring 2012 | Poetry

You come round in reading, small shoulders closer to heart’s core, making a certain curve that echoes the classic skull’s forget-me-not repose even as you may number in your household each new way to survive. Meanwhile, an underground scope sp [...]