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R. K. Gooch


Who Killed Democracy in France?

I Saw France Fall: Will She Rise Again? By Rene de Chambrun. New York: William Morrow and Company. $2.50. Tragedie en France. By Andre Maurois. New York: Editions de la Maison Franchise, Inc. $1.50. Tragedy in France. By Andre Maurois. Translated by [...]

Britain’s Future

Building the British Empire: To the End of the First Empire. By James Truslow Adams. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons. $3.50. While England Slept: A Survey of World Affairs, 1932-1938. By Winston S. Churchill. With a Preface and Notes by Randolph S [...]

Kings and Constitutions

The Magic of Monarchy. By Kingsley Martin. New York: Alfred A. Knopf. $1.25. Bulwark of the Republic: A Biography of the Constitution. By Burton J. Hcndrick. Boston: Little, Brown and Company. $3.50. The Supreme Court and the National Will. By Dean [...]

When the Right Loses

Jefferson in Power: The Death Struggle of the Federalists. By Claude G. Bowers. Boston: Houghton Mifllin Company. $3.75. In the context of modern and contemporary life, nothing is perhaps more natural than that the Right should be anti-de [...]

Nationalism in the United States

The New Barbarians. By Wilbur C. Abbott. Boston: Little, Brown and Company. $2.50.The Indestructible Union. By William McDougall, F. R. S. Boston: Little, Brown, and Company. $2.50.It is probable that no more familiar phenomenom presents itself to t [...]

Government and Public Opinion

The Phantom Public. By Walter Lippmann. New York: Harcourt, Brace, and Company. $2.00.One expects from Mr. Walter Lippmann incisive criticism. In "The Phantom Public" one finds it. The subject of the book is not a new one for Mr. Lippmann. It is publ [...]

Two Men in Europe

Berlin Diary: The Journal of a Foreign Correspondent, 1934-1941. By William I,. Shirer. Alfred A. Knopf. $3.00. Men and Politics: An Autobiography. By Louis Fischer. DuelI, Sloan and Pearce. $3.50. The fact that a war party exists in the Unite [...]