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Rachel Cohen

Rachel Cohen is the author of A Chance Meeting (Random House, 2004) and Bernard Berenson: A Life in the Picture Trade (Yale, 2013), and has written for the New Yorker, the Believer, and the London Review of Books. She received a Guggenheim fellowship for a project on art and time, fragments of which she is drafting in her online notebook,  


Photographed by Rachel Cohen


March 1, 2018 | Essays

  1.  “Actors” was painted by Max Beckmann in 1941 and 1942 when he was a refugee from Nazi Germany in Amsterdam. It is the painting I photographed most in the years we were living in Cambridge. I tried repeatedly to write about it, [...]

Photographs by Rachel Cohen

Details From the Fogg Museum

Spring 2016 | Articles

1. For the last twenty years or so, in whatever city I’ve been living in, I’ve gone to a museum every week. This has been less regular since I moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts, and had children. Now I find that, even without them, I go hurrie [...]