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Ray A. Young Bear


A Woman’s Name Is In the Second Verse:

EARTHQUAKES AND PARALLELS In the dream before I noticed the predawn thunder was actually an earth tremor, Lillian Nicotine of Pinelodge Lake, resplendent in her purple silk blouse and skirt, came up to me and whispered unfamiliar pedagogical terms i [...]

The Handcuff Symbol

We were struggling over a small pearl-handled Saturday Night Special. Like three angry adolescents, so many thousands of miles from Black Eagle Child, we were turning an afternoon college kegger at the Greek Theatre into a perilous scene: Weasel Hear [...]

The Rock Island Hiking Club

Symbolically, they stand close together as they have done throughout their lives on Black Eagle Child Reserve. They peer nervously into the shaded Big Top where the tribal celebration is about to take place: Mary Two Red Foot in her brilliant cotton- [...]