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Richard Bausch

Richard Bausch is the author of numerous novels and short-story collections, including Before, During, After (Knopf, 2014) and Something Is Out There (Knopf, 2010). He has won two National Magazine Awards, a Guggenheim Fellowship, an Award in Literature from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, and the 2004 PEN/Malamud Award. The editor of the Norton Anthology of Short Fiction, Bausch teaches creative writing at Chapman University. He is a VQR Contributing Editor.


Illustration by Gosia Herba

The Lineaments of Gratified Desire

Fall 2015 | Fiction

When he thought about it, he could see that this thing with Alexa Jamison was a betrayal of the idea of what Sonya and he had been: the romance of that. Such a sweet beginning seems always to create a following inertia: the two families, everybody coming together as part of the story. 

Stephanie Shieldhouse


Summer 2014 | Fiction

She sounded good over the telephone. A soft rich alto voice, full grown. She was now twenty-​two. Benton was fifty-​one. A half-​sister he had never had a conversation with in his life. Kate. Katie.