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Richard Cecil

Richard Cecil’s fourth collection of poems, TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY BLUES, will be published by Southern Illinois University Press in the fall of 2004. His other collections are EINSTEIN’S BRAIN (Univ. of Utah Press, 1986), ALCATRAZ (Purdue U. Press, 1992), and IN SEARCH OF THE GREAT DEAD (Southern Illinois U. Press, 1999). He teaches in the English Dept and Honors College of Indiana University, Bloomington, and in the Spalding Brief Residency MFA Program.



Summer 1998 | Poetry

One afternoon this summer in Assisi I stood where experts stood a few weeks later craning their necks to estimate quake damage to the Church of St. Francis' frescoed vault when it collapsed in an aftershock and crushed them. As pains shot through my [...]