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Richard A. Chance

Richard A. Chance’s art has been featured in the New Yorker, the Baffler, and Variety, among other publications. 


Late Blues

Summer 2022 | Fiction

Once long ago—before Georgia was born, before getting married, in the days when apartments consisted of pee-stained futons and speaker wires tracing across the floor, guitars laid lovingly in their plush cases, overflowing ashtrays, no artwork, no plants, only temperamental cats for decoration—Carrie wrote a song about divorce that became a college-radio hit.

Birds of Paradise

Summer 2022 | Fiction

There is no work for Logan, not today, not in this L.A. neighborhood where he’s been wandering for hours. Since the riots began he’s steered clear of the Boulevard, wary of the Guardsmen stationed outside CVS, of the rivers of broken glass and blocks of boarded-up storefronts splashed with angry graffiti.

Illustration by Richard A. Chance


Summer 2022 | Fiction

When Emily Barrett came to Priya’s door with news of the baby, both women’s husbands were meeting with the Indian Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, negotiating the trade of American chicken thighs. Priya was working from home that day and had been growing restless at her computer, as she often did by late afternoon.