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Robert M. Sapolsky

Robert M. Sapolsky is the author of four books of popular science: Monkeyluv and Other Essays on Our Lives as Animals (2005), A Primate???s Memoir (2001), The Trouble with Testosterone (1997), all from Scribner; and the bestselling, Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers, now in its third edition from Owl Books. A recipient of a MacArthur fellowship, Sapolsky is a professor of biology and neuroscience at Stanford and a research associate with the Institute of Primate Research at the National Museum of Kenya.


The Olfactory Lives of Primates

Spring 2006 | Essays

Dear Chris, I’m sorry you couldn’t make it to Brad and Caitland’s wedding. It was pretty good. The beginning dragged—the usual, everyone standing around, sniffing each other’s breath, figuring out who was from Caitland’s family, who fr [...]