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Robert A. Rutland


A Feast of History and Affection

The Book of Abigail and John: Selected Letters of the Adams Family, 1762-1784. Edited by Lyman H. Butterfield and others. Harvard. $15.00 EVERY one of the so-called Founding Fathers possessed one quality which sustained them when there were dark [...]

Latrobe’s Scrumptious Journals

The Virginia Journals of Benjamin Henry Latrobe 1795—1798. Edited by Edward C. Carter II.2 vols, Yale. $60. WHEN von Ranke told his students to go to the documents in search of historical truth, he doubtless meant that a discovery of fresh materi [...]

Choosing the Chief

Presidential Selection: Theory and Development. By James W. Ceaser. Princeton. $20.00. The faith which the Founding Fathers reposed in a free press and education was not based on hopes for permissive journalism or for a string of crossroads colleg [...]