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Roger Shattuck


Having It Both Ways

In the next culture I'll settle for having my shop in the street of racehorse namers. Sawdust on the floor and open racks where I stack the merchandise to cool— Negative Entropy, No Point of Return, High Tail, Controlled Conniption, London Derrièr [...]

A Sense of Place

The Horse of Pride: Life in a Breton Village. By Pierre-Jakez Helias. Translanted and abridged by June Guicharnaud. Yale. $15.00. At the end of the last century, the French social philosopher Gabriel Tarde remarked on the disappearance of what mos [...]


Each spring my father took me to the circus. The living statues mother said are plain indecent. I knew full well and tingled weeks ahead and after. The whole smouldering city funneled into the crater of Madison Square Garden big as all outdoors and t [...]