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Ronald Weber

Nonfiction: The Reporter as Artist; The Literature of Fact: Literary Nonfiction in American Writing; Seeing Earth: Literary Responses to Space Exploration; The Midwestern Ascendancy in American Writing; Hemingway’s Art of Nonfiction: Hired Pens: Professional Writers in America’s Golden Age of Print Fiction: Company Spook; Troubleshooter; The Aluminum Hatch; Catch and Keep Book in progress: The Press Gang: Paris-American Journalists Between the Wars


Newspaper Days

From Fact to Fiction: Journalism & Imaginative Writing in America. By Shelley Fisher Fishkin. Johns Hopkins.$24.50. James M. Cain's career—to take an example from many— was in a great tradition of American writing. Before The Postman Always Ri [...]

Staying Power

The Purple Decades. By Tom Wolfe. Farrar, Straus & Giroux. $17.50. There ought to be a statute of limitations on critical remarks about living, breathing writers. Lacking that, it must simply be good manners that keeps Joe David Bellamy, in his in [...]