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Ru Freeman

Ru Freeman is a Sri Lankan and American novelist, poet, editor, educator, and critic whose work appears in publications such as the Guardian and the New York Times. She is the author of A Disobedient Girl (Atria, 2009) and On Sal Mal Lane (Graywolf, 2013), a New York Times Editors’ Choice Book, and the editor of the anthologies Extraordinary Rendition: American Writers on Palestine (O/R and Interlink, 2016) and Indivisible: Global Leaders on Shared Security (Interlink, 2018). 


What Is Feminism? by Ru Freeman

November 26, 2012 | Essays

Editor’s note: The following post is part of a series in which a diverse range of women writers discuss their definition, idea, or experience of feminism. For more background, take a look at our Fall 2012 issue, which features “Bad Fe [...]

Sleeping Alone

Winter 2012 | Fiction

I want you to know that the first time I did anything, I just wanted them to suffer some easily remedied discomfort. I didn’t care that Tusker, too, would have to suffer for as long as the others did: a whole day before I recommended the turmeric and milk.