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Salman Masalha

Salman Masalha was born in the Arab town of Al-Maghar and is the author of six volumes of poetry. His articles, columns, poems, and translations have appeared in newspapers and journals in both Arabic and Hebrew as well as in European languages. He studied at the Hebrew University and holds a PhD in classical Arabic literature. He served as a coeditor of the Concordance of Early Arabic Poetry. He lives in Jerusalem.



Fire is a young body. The winds of doubt will not touch it. It refuses to dress in anything but black garments. It exists since the beginning on the fruit of the waters. The fruit is a useful bird that flies without wings to the land of lig [...]


Water is a widespread secret, known only to the pure— those who before the birth pangs are born in glances, or as though by chance, taking shape in a chronic dream. The pure have not yet been born on our dark shores. They have not yet pla [...]


Earth is a fourth god, who comes to complete the shape of the dream. The first god has nothing. The second is light that comes to cancel the first darkness. The third is a hungry bird that knows nothing but the limits of reason. It will n [...]

The Ark

The Ark is a blooming branch. The winds of evil play there, launching it into the unknown without a target. The target is a broad path that accepts nothing but steps of the child journeying toward the beginning. He draws a transparent home [...]