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Sam Hamill

Sam Hamill’s selected poems and translations, Almost Paradise, was recently published by Shambhala. He co-founded and was editor at Copper Canyon Press from 1972 through 2004 and is founder and director of Poets Against War.


A Monk’s Tale

Spring 2005 | Essays

For forty years I’d been a socially engaged antiwar poet. I was engaged in the civil rights campaigns of the sixties, supported feminist issues of the seventies, and had, in fact, been a devoted nonviolent revolutionary my entire adult life. And now I was being invited to the White House, where plans were well under way to sell our nation a pack of lies and fears, and an innocent nation—the very cradle of civilization—would be destroyed, our Constitution undermined, and all the worldwide sympathy and compassion extended toward us since the September 11 attack would evaporate. Several human rights organizations already claimed that a million Iraqis had died for lack of necessities under the embargo; hundreds of thousands more could die in an American shock-and-awe attack. 


A Troubled Heart

Summer 1999 | Poetry

           The skylark departs,            leaving in the wilderness            a sma [...]