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Santiago Roncagliolo

Santiago Roncagliolo has lived in Mexico, Peru, and Spain. He is the youngest winner of the prestigious Alfaguara Prize for his novel Red April (2006). An earlier novel, Pudor, was recently released as a movie in Spain. He is also the author of The Prince of the Caymans and a collection of stories Growing Up Is a Lonely Occupation. He lives in Barcelona and is a regular contributor to the Madrid newspaper El País. He is currently at work on a biography of Abimael Guzmán, founder of the Shining Path.


The Boxer with Perfect Ears

The Contender The day he walked into Madison Square Garden, the Peruvian boxer Romerito faced 25,000 Americans insulting him at once. Worst of all, the audience was howling his rival’s name. Or rather, his nickname, which was even more terrifying. [...]

Internal Affairs

That weekend reminded me of my old friend Chino Pajares, the owner of a revolver, who one day nearly blew my head off. I remembered him because I’d gone to Albacete with Borja, another friend. Borja’s a comedian. He does stand-up as a failed s [...]