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Scott Korb

Scott Korb is the author of Light without Fire (Beacon, 2013), Life in Year One (Riverhead, 2010), and The Faith Between Us (Bloomsbury, 2007). He is an editor of Gesturing Toward Reality: David Foster Wallace and Philosophy (Bloomsbury, 2014). He teaches writing at New York University, the New School, and as part of the MFA faculty at Pacific University.


Good for You

Winter 2016 | Essays

My wife and I, both in our late thirties, have a friend named Patricia who lives by herself in a very small apartment on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Her taste is Japanese. Patricia is the mother of another good friend, a woman more or less our age [...]

John Ritter

Forced Feeding

Spring 2015 | Criticism

In practical ways, I was first introduced to Ensure nutrition shakes in late spring 2002. For eighteen months, a span that included the attacks of 9/11 and the beginning of the decade-plus of war that followed, my stepfather had been undergoing trea [...]