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Shai Dotan

Shai Dotan was born in Eilat and lives in Jerusalem, where he works at the Israeli Tax Authority. He is one of the founders of “Ktovet” (Address), a group of poets who hold readings and workshops in a community center near the Jewish market in Jerusalem. His first book, On the Verge, won Israel’s Ministry of Education and Culture prize in 2005.



The pears are not seen As the observer wills. —Wallace Stevens 1 Sometimes they are pears. At other times, sirens in a basket. And, not so often, violins one tunes with a stem. 2 Pears hold their heads up high, they have cello-shaped [...]

One Minute

Just one minute. I want to scream. I shot him. He advanced with a suspicious face. Who knew his pockets were empty, his bag full of clothes. Perhaps he didn’t have a work permit, or once stole across the border. Perhaps he didn’t hear my [...]