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Sharon Leiter

Sharon Leiter has written and published poetry and fiction, as well as literary criticism and creative nonfiction. She is the author of a volume of poetry, The Lady and the Bailiff of Time (Ann Arbor: Ardis, 1974) and a literary study of the Russian poet Anna Akhmatova, Akhmatova’s Petersburg (University of Pennsylvania Press, 1983). A specialist in 20th century Russian literature, she taught at the University of Virginia between 1976 and 1983. She went on to a career as a government analyst in Russian affairs, and is a consultant for RAND.



for Darryl Let the big waters wash over us. No one will know we were here in the small offices of our souls, gathering the light that floats on motes of dust. Others were quoted, placed in the stone pantheon. Yet we, too, ran our fingers through gli [...]

Forgive This Prolixity

We haven't spoken in so long. I had forgotten how to talk and now I practice in my sleep. I surge with speech. For all those years, you see, it wasn't a matter of words. Of words I had plenty and scattered like confetti. Words sprang from the anxiou [...]

Why Call It Dust?

Summer 2003 | Poetry

The body is the true divinity, leaden and winged at once, fearful and merciful, terrible in its veiled, relentless intentions.The body knows how to be born, how to grow, how to transpose from borne to bearer, how to suckle, how to sicken, how to expl [...]