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Simone Poirier-Bures

Simone Poirier-Bures is the author of three books: Candyman, a novel set in her native Nova Scotia; That Shining Place, an award-winning memoir of Crete; and Nicole, short stories and memoir about growing up female and Acadian. Her work has been published in numerous journals and anthologies, including We Write For Our Own Time: Selected Essays From 75 Years of the Virginia Quarterly Review. She teaches writing at Virginia Tech and is currently working on a travel memoir about Kyrgyzstan.


My Mother and I Hear Her Death Approaching

Summer 2002 | Memoir

"I won a ticket for a dream house," my mother tells me on the phone. "It cost a hundred dollars to buy. It's a gorgeous house. Brand new and big big. If I win, I'll give it to you. Then you and Allen can move here and live in it."



Often, now, I wake in the night to the distant whistle of a train, and for a moment it is the deep, mournful call of the foghorns off the coast of Nova Scotia. And the memory of those foggy days leaps at me whole, those days when downtown Halifax s [...]


Winter 2004 | Reporting

Kyrgyzstan, March 2000 "OSCE is looking for foreign nationals to serve as observers for the next round of elections," Ed Kulakowski at the American embassy tells us. "It's a great opportunity to do something useful and see some of the country at th [...]