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Susan Briante

Susan Briante is the author most recently of Defacing the Monument (Noemi, 2020), winner of the Poetry Foundation’s Pegasus Award for Poetry Criticism in 2021. Briante is also the author of three books of poetry: Pioneers in the Study of Motion (Ahsahta, 2007), Utopia Minus (Ahsahta, 2011), and The Market Wonders (Ahsahta, 2016). She is a professor of English and creative writing at the University of Arizona.  


Blind Curve

Summer 2022 | Poetry

Took a series of self-portraits on my bed: one hand over my right eye then left as if to mimic another’s gaze.

With a View to the Black Walnut Tree

Summer 2022 | Poetry

My daughter throws up once or twice a day opening mouth then hands as if to pour out what was once clenched. Throws up pillows, backpacks, and refrigerators. Builds a version of our cat from pretend vomit, builds a version of our kitchen. I worry

I can’t sooth her fears. It is terrible