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Susie Mee


Playing Hedda

"Listen, Mack, I'd love to do the part, it could make my career. But I'm very very wary. For a number of reasons. One, she's a bully, and I fear bullying women. Two, the ending. . . ." Claire's throat gets stuck and she spreads her arms in a he [...]

Death, Dancing, and Doughnut Holes

When I was a small kid, I thought the earth was shaped liked a doughnut. There was the round part on which we all lived, and the middle part that people dropped into when they passed on. This middle had a lot of darkness in it. At night the dark wo [...]

Yellow Ribbons

He heard the roar of the helicopter even before the girl came running into the house."They're here!" she screamed."And they're flying low!" "Not low enough to see through this haze, I betcha," he said, keeping his voice soft and calm. Lately he'd [...]