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Theodore Maynard


The New Artificiality

First Will and Testament. By Kenneth Patchen, Norfolk: New Directions. $2.50. A Turning Wind. By Muriel Rukeyser. New York: The Viking Press. $2.00. The World I Breathe. By Dylan Thomas. Norfolk: New Directions. $2.50. The Connecticut River and Othe [...]


Drip steadily on, Rain, upon the cold wet stone— Cold heart, but sweet The stepping of your icy feet!Shy and austere To those who hold you very dear, Strike once again, Beauty, and heal me of my pain. [...]

Dutch Interior

A large bare room upon whose curdled walls, Lined at the base with tiles of white and blue, Hang three small sombre paintings in a row— A plate of grapes, a haunch of venison (If one were hungry one could feed on them, With such precision is each d [...]