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Theodore Morrison


The Witness

THE WITNESS Time gathers head until the full leaf wanes, Its green all pinked and bitten to the veins, A puckered page of rusty blights and banes, A laborer's hand, its toiled and horny palm Scarred with its trade, mature and ripe for rest. The lusty [...]

The Calendar

The hearth-flame's lean and groping wrist Climbs through the logs with sinewy twist, The wood that it will soon bring low With heat devotional and slow. Erratic colonies of spark Lodge in the soot like creeping stars. Each point by point across [...]

Decline of the West

Decline of the west Orestes killed, he killed as the gods bade And bore the hideous furies on his back Until his agonized and wandering track Led him to Athens, penitent and mad. There in the Areopagus among his peers He heard the god Apollo take his [...]