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Thomas Wolfe

Thomas Wolfe (1900–1938), born in Asheville, North Carolina, was the author of Look Homeward, Angel and You Can‘t Go Home Again, among many other works. He is widely regarded as one of the great American writers of the twentieth century.


Old Catawba

On the middle-Atlantic seaboard of the North American continent and at about a day's journey from New York, is situated the American state of Old Catawba. In area and population the state might almost strike a median among the states of the union: it [...]

A Western Journey

Storm-herds of thundering Sioux cloud past in viewless vacancy. Long, long ago, within the anodes of the timeless West a man felt, saw, heard, thought—or did he vision them—these things—O time.Left Portland at 8:15 sharp on Monday, June 20, wit [...]