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Tom Haines

Tom Haines, author of Walking to the Sun (ForeEdge, 2018), is a journalist and an associate professor of English at the University of New Hampshire, where he serves as director of the undergraduate journalism program. 


Photograph by Tom Haines

Dry Days

Fall 2021 | Articles

Great Plains. One man grabs a calf’s hind leg and lifts. Another seizes a front leg and heaves, flipping as easily as possible the two-hundred-pound animal. Then each man pulls hard to keep it still.

Photograph by Tom Haines

In the Powder River Basin

July 18, 2016

1. Since the beginning of the industrial age, and still in many places around the world, people have been scurrying into the earth, picks in hand, deepening subterranean trails in search of coal. There is no such intimacy to the transaction here, wh [...]