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Tyler Goldman

Tyler Goldman’s poems and translations have appeared or are forthcoming in Poetry Northwest, the Cortland Review, and (Academy of American Poets). He has received scholarships and awards from the Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference, the Academy of American Poets, and the University of Maryland. He lives in Salt Lake City, where he is currently a doctoral student in literature and creative writing at the University of Utah. 



Fall 2016 | Poetry

Africanus has a million bucks, 
and still he wants and wants and wants. 


Fall 2016 | Poetry

You bought yourself a low-cost house
  for only forty thou’.
Then lost it in a city fire;
  they burn so often now.


Fall 2016 | Poetry

Odious Chloe wrote this
  on her seven husbands’ graves:


Fall 2016 | Poetry

Yes, I’m that Martial known all across the world 
for my elegiac couplets, hendecasyllables,