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Vijay Seshadri

Vijay Seshadri is author of the poetry books Wild Kingdom (Graywolf, 1996), The Long Meadow (Graywolf, 2005), The Disappearances, (Harper Collins, 2007), 3 Sections (Graywolf, 2013), and the forthcoming That Was Now, This Is Then (Graywolf, 2020), as well as many essays, reviews, and memoir fragments. His work has been widely published and anthologized and recognized with a number of honors, including the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry. He teaches at Sarah Lawrence College.


Night City

Summer 2020 | Poetry

What happened to the city that made us 
promises, promises we had the luxury 
to believe or not?
Night caved its streets, 

Who Is This Guy?

Summer 2020 | Poetry

Now that I’m dead too, just like the living dead on TV, 
fat chance that the merely living will be saved 
by doing what they did when I was merely living— 
nailing their doors shut against me, 
hurricane-proofing the windows, 
positioning snipers at the embrasures.