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Walter Prichard Eaton



My earliest recollection of the theatre is of a dramatization of "David Copperfield." It was called "Little Em'ly," and of course featured that young female's unfortunate infatuation. I recall the concluding tableau—Little Em'ly [...]

Spring in Death Valley

On the fourth of November, 1849, a long train of more than a hundred covered wagons, with several hundred other cattle in addition to the draught animals, started south from Salt Lake, bound for California, It was too late in the season to go west, d [...]

Revolt From Realism

A s i look back over nearly half a century of theatre go- ing, which began when I was six years old, I am constantly surprised at the happy memories I have of plays which today, were I to see them revived, would be almost unendurable. Indeed, I have [...]

Up Attic

In common, no doubt, with many other old codgers of my generation I face the brave new world of plastics and prefabricate without enthusiasm. It may be the advertising men have done their work too well, and taught me to accept no substitutes; so how, [...]