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Ward Just


The Costa Brava, 1959

Ted had been terribly sick in Saulieu, a combination of too much wine and a poisonous fish soup, and no one to blame but himself. He had chosen the night in Saulieu to be difficult about money, explaining to Bettina that a room and dinner for two p [...]

Dietz At War

TWICE or three times a week Dietz wrote his children. They were informal letters that began Dear Girls and ended Much Love From Dad. He liked to describe the country and the hotel in which he lived, and at every opportunity he wrote about the vario [...]


She had a patron, and in that way advanced in the business exactly like any man. After an apprenticeship in North Carolina, she went to New York for a news-magazine and then to Africa and the Middle East for a wire service. She remained very fond o [...]