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William Griffith


Under a Bermuda Balcony

My song has raised windows fronting On the north and on the south; Tapestried and awning-shaded, Beauty has been barricaded Behind many, and has vanished Back of others, and been banished Because passion serenaded Roguish eye and rosy mouth. . .My so [...]

Shell and Siren

Hearing Winter ponder Whether Spring shall come again, Whether much remains of pleasure In the latitudes of pain, On my ear are faint and foreign Halloos of the Spanish Main.Lift and take me yonder, O some Old Man of the Sea, To the home of Sleepin [...]

A Bermuda Visitation

Once in Bermuda, where the hibiscus And oleanders burn down to the sea, I saw the wraith of something that was strange And fragile as young love awakening. Tropic and tender as an oasis Sought in some parched Sahara of the mind Was this shy, flee [...]