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William Martin


Geneva to America

If the disarmament conference planned for February, 1932, were going to be a purely military conference with only the limited goal in view of putting an end forever to the world's armament race, that alone would be an event of the first importance. F [...]

Since Versailles

Nations are so closely interdependent in the world of today that isolation is an absolute impossibility. What has happened in Europe in the last ten years has shown the attentive observer that the history of the League of Nations has been determined [...]

China Waits

For centuries China believed herself the center of the world—and she had the right to believe it, because her geographical position sheltered her almost entirely from all contact with the outside. But a time came, during the nineteenth century, whe [...]

Was the War Useless?

War, one sometimes hears it said, has always meant an element of progress to mankind. Without it, the United States would still be English, Italy still be Austrian, Poland Russian, and so forth and so on. If you abolish war, you abolish the progress [...]