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William S. Weedon


A Misplaced Tombstone

The Philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead. Edited by Paul Arthur Schlipp. Northwestern University, Evanston, III. $4.00. One wonders how Plato would have felt if, instead of practicing the art of dialectic and engaging in the pursuit of truth, the [...]

Poets and Patterns

The Modes of Thought. By Alfred North Whitehead. New York: The Macmillan Company. $2.50. Technical philosophy is continually revenging itself upon common senseā€”to its own disadvantage. Its most bitter scorn of vulgar opinion as opposed to its [...]

Truth Is So

The Realm of Truth. By George Santayana. New York: Charles Scrib-ner's Sons. $2.75. George santayana's philosophy is still such as to permit his literary talents the greatest possible degree of freedom; in fact, those who have followed his works i [...]

The Broom Tree Revisited

The Tale of Genji. By Murasaki Shikibu. Translated by Edward G. Seidensticker. Knopf: Two volumes, boxed. $25.00. It has long been and, to a large extent, still is, the case that, if one were to enquire of a native Japanese critic which of the work [...]

Dragonfly Larvae, Anyone?

Unmentionable Cuisine. By Calvin W. Schwabe. Virginia. $20.00. Not so many years ago, the term "Unmentionable," in either the singular or the plural, referred virtually unequivocally to ladies' underwear. Now that television has come with almost r [...]