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Xandria Phillips

Xandria Phillips is the poetry editor at Honeysuckle Press and the author of the Reasons for Smoking (Seattle Review, 2017) and Hull (Nightboat, 2019). Their writing has been featured in Black Warrior Review, Crazyhorse, Ninth Letter, and elsewhere.


Dad Jacket

Summer 2019 | Poetry

if this city is still breaking me  
in with its weather and tethered eye

you be the arch in my neck 
the mane growing from it 


Summer 2019 | Poetry

in the dream where I run without breasts I am motivated by flight, I haven’t yet begun to unweld the framework, invent new trauma, whip the stitch arching each bosom as victuals dangled, withheld. when I hemorrhage against design it ain’t incognito. the neighbors walk their dogs past me. that’s me smoking in the alley, letting roses from my wrists.