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Yael Globerman

Yael Globerman was born in Tel Aviv to Holocaust-survivor parents who came to Israel from Poland. She is the author of the novel Shaking the Tree. Her debut book of poems, Alibi, was published in 2000 and received the AKUM Award for Poetry as well as the Payis Award. Her latest volume of poetry, Same River Twice, was published in 2007.



You come at night making the long passage up my stairs, climbing as if upon an earlier woman, the one that came before the very first wife; had she stayed with you, you swear, you’d still be deep in paradise. I am not bone of your bone, am [...]

Second Generation

I The man who almost wasn’t sits down at the table. The woman who barely made it serves him plum cake. This is my home: It is good here. Safe. Mother leans on Father. Father leans on shadow. At night they tiptoe into my room in beekeeper clo [...]

The Desk

Unlike Icarus, I am learning to fly on my feet. Sometimes on all fours. Still, the longing is one and the same: to row with two revolving arms closer to a burning thing. Five a.m., and the air is stormy. Again, it is dangerous to wade into t [...]

Scenes from a Marriage

Someone is telling lies, outside and then inside again, in an apartment to which the heart pans like a camera in a documentary film on marriage I’ve been working on for years. Someone stands straight, in front of the mirror and talks to half [...]