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Looking Back: A Cuba Portfolio

Playa del Este, Havana.

PUBLISHED: December 19, 2014

An office in Havana Vieja with the images of  revolutionaries, Fidel Castro, Ché Guevara and Camilo Cienfuegos.


Cubans baring the heat and crowded buses known as "camellos."


View of Havana’s Vedado neighborhood.


A local bar in the town of Cienfuegos.


A young boy with the family’s hunting dog, Trinidad.  


A mechanic in his machine shop, Quivican.


Magyori a member of ‘El Cartel’ a rap collective born in the  Soviet-era housing complex of Alamar, east of Havana.



Playa Ancon, near the town of Trinidad.  


A storm approaches, Playa Ancon.



The panopticon prison cell blocks, Presidio Modelo, Isla de la Juventud.  


Inside the panopticon, Isla de Juventud.


A view of the cells from inside the panopticon's central tower.


Anti-American graffiti at the infamous Presidio Modelo, Isla de la Juventud.


A painting depicting Raul & Fidel Castro (and comrade) being released from Presidio Modelo on May 15, 1955.


War games, Vedado Sports Stadium, Havana.


Hitchig a ride, Havana.




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