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Gravitational Wave

ISSUE:  Summer 2017


a ripple in space-time at the speed of light

At night in the field, I felt the curvature of a palpable
time around me, felt the dark
foam of the waveform rise and collapse
through the tiny opening

                                                it made inside me
to slip like oil between each bone,
                     the wave a warp in my blood
alone in that field where I felt the photon burst
in a single cell,
before any sign of light,

                               and in such nowhere
I felt the void contract in me, grow warm again,
and felt my heart
stop and the first sun begin to bloom behind
                               the dust cloud,

there in the place where I
slipped out into nothing
as, in a collision, a disc slips from between vertebrae
                                                           into vapor,

where I lost myself, reached too far toward
                  the sensation of belonging I longed for,
toward that last breath
of kindness that passed through me,
                                 which now passes through you.




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sir Kent Norton 's picture
sir Kent Norton · 6 years ago

You could not achieve your sense of belonging if you were tripped and fallen into a black hole experienced the Quantum f0am yet you will vibrate to the strings of eternity. Very interesting poetry I call Quantum Entanglement Theory love relationships


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