Summer 2017

From the steroid-saturated Mr. Olympia competition in Las Vegas to the world’s most violent polo match in Kazakhstan, from the fraternity of a Brooklyn arcade to the politics of roller derby in Egypt, the summer issue of VQR looks at ways in which competition transcends just winning or losing—whether it’s through solidarity, equality, or a sense of who we are.

Summer 2017

Volume 93, Number 3

Virginia Quarterly Review, Summer 2017 cover
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Notes to Self 
Fine Distinctions 
Editor's Desk 

Contributor Profiles

Will Boast is the author of the novel Daphne (Norton/Liveright, 2018), a best-selling memoir, Epilogue (Norton/Liveright, 2014), and a story collection, Power Ballads (Iowa, 2011), which won the Iowa Short Fiction Aw

Michael Croley is the author of Any Other Place: Stories (Blair, 2019), winner of the James Still Award from the Fellowship of Southern Writers.

Emily Eakin is working on a book about real estate and politics.

Eman Helal is an Egyptian freelance photographer based in Cairo. She covers the Middle East, Africa, and the US. She’s dedicated to covering hard news and documentary projects with a human rights focus.

Javier Zamora was born in El Salvador and migrated to the US when he was nine. He is a CantoMundo, 2016-2018 Wallace Stegner, and a 2016 Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Fellow.

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