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ISSUE:  Spring 2019


Up ahead it’s white. Snow animal,
I’m running at your back. I’ve failed to tell you 
I’ve been hungry all this time, to tell you 
I’ve been searching for you, like meat, 
like water. All my life, I’ve distanced 
myself. As if to know you was to drown. 
As if to find you I’d usher myself further 
from what is real. I’ve been adrift along 
the threads of time leading me out 
beyond an imagined frame. I’ve untied myself, 
uncuffed the arms and neck. I didn’t know 
I was hurt like that. I didn’t know 
there was a force pulling me downward 
toward bedrock, lulling me to sleep. 
You are the one escaping, you are the one 
breaking free. I understand your astonishing 
dash to freedom, done with the estranged wind, 
done with frost and storm, orchids curling
outward beyond grief. The road widens 
to glory. The road disappears. 



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